Postural Problems


Sitting incorrectly at the office or workplace and while driving the car to and from work, and then collapsing into a comfortable sofa at the end of the day.


Do you suffer from headaches, neck and shoulders or back pain or repetitive strain injuries (RSI) due to spending too much time on a computer without a break?


You might be experiencing some symptoms of sciatica in your legs or pins and needles or numbness in your arms and hands.


It’s time to rectify the problem. It may be due to a faulty posture if your posture is starting to take the same shape as your chair.


Common causes of strain can include:


  • Prolonged and poor sitting posture at a desk
  • Using a computer without taking breaks
  • Faulty ergonomical desk setup
  • Overstretching and bending
  • Awkward lifting and carrying
  • Driving long distances without a break


All of this takes a toll on our ligaments and joints, stresses and compressive forces cause them to become stiff and therefore resultant strains occur frequently. Furthermore workplace stress can increase the amount of pain you are experiencing through excessive muscle tension and spasms.


During an osteopathic consultation we will discuss the impact work may be having on your body and together find an appropriate course of action that can help, including exercises and stretches, and most importantly your workplace ergonomics.


Osteopathic manipulation mobilises joints which helps relieve muscle tension, relieving pain in the back, neck and shoulders, cervicogenic headaches commonly associated with computer work or driving.