Getting older



It’s no fun getting old. As we age our discs thin and our joints stiffen as the collagen fibres throughout our body become less elastic due to the reduction in their water content. The reduction in elasticity makes us less efficient bio-mechanically, reducing the ability of fluid movement around our bodies and we fatigue more quickly.


Osteopathy can help maintain your overall health and improve your vitality in a number of ways through the physical treatment: it can improve the mobility of your spine and joints directly; as well as by improving the arterial blood supply to, venous drainage and lymphatics from the joints and organs of your body. Improving the rib cage dynamics can improve the oxygenation of your blood, improve venous blood returning from your legs which may alleviate pressure on your right-side of the heart. It also can help improve your balance.


We encourage you to take up a form of physical exercise such as Tai Chi, Yoga or Pilates to maintain good muscle strength and joint flexibility. The old adage of use it or lose it springs to mind.